Imagine Your New Garden Office...

A garden office is a place where you can get some work done

Do you sometimes find it hard to gather your thoughts in the company office surrounded by colleagues? Are you a freelancer who needs a working space with fewer distractions? Do you sometimes need to work in the evenings but can’t focus with your kids running around?

By investing in a garden room you can create a convenient home office that suits your needs. Choose big windows that can help get your creative juices flowing or smaller ones if you feel like the outside world might be a distraction. Proper insulation and artificial heating means that your office will be comfortable year round.

Use your garden room as a home office or garden studio because:

  • You don’t want to spend hours commuting every week
  • You will save money not having to rent an office and be more eco-friendly by not commuting
  • You can’t concentrate in the house because there are too many distractions

Alternative uses

A garden office isn’t exclusive to desk bound occupations. Why not use it as a serene beauty salon or treatment room? If you’re an artist a garden room can be that perfect creative space to get inspired in. Or why not turn your garden room into a gym or yoga studio if you’re a fitness instructor? The possibilities are endless – just remember to check what the rules and regulations for your profession are.

Let us help you separate your work and home life so that you can be more productive at work and more present at home.