Give Your Backyard Some Bling

Garden cribs - it’s time to bring the bling

What is a garden crib?

A garden crib is a garden room designed and pimped-out by you.

If you’re sick and tired of being green with envy at the A-list cribs on TV,  it’s time to create your very own slice of celebrity luxury and put some bling in your own backyard.

Do it right and your outdoor pad will make you a legend with your friends.

Use your garden crib for:

  • Listening to tunes with your mates
  • A computer gaming bolt-hole
  • Chillaxing in total luxury

What to put in your garden crib:

  • Pool table
  • Xbox/Playstation
  • iPad and speakers
  • Fridge
  • Massive Plasma TV
  • Comfy sofas

Whatever you decide to do with your crib, make sure it’s a boom-boom garden room.

With your very own garden crib, you’re in control of who can access all areas. Fill out the contact form below to take the first step to glamming up your garden.