Why Garden Rooms are Both Cool and Warm

As we all know, the British weather can be very unpredictable and vary a lot between the coldest and the warmest months. The humid winters make the weather seem colder than it really is, and it can actually get uncomfortably hot in summer.

In order for a room to be comfortable year round it not only needs to be warm in winter, but also cool in summer. Luckily most garden rooms are built to meet these criteria.

Let’s take a look at why garden rooms stay cool during hot days and warm during cold days.


Most garden rooms are built with insulation in the floors, walls and roof. Insulation traps pockets of air, and as air is a poor conductor of heat it will minimise the amount of warm air that can pass through. This means that heated air in the winter will stay in the room and hot air will stay outside during summer.

Double glazing

Most garden rooms also come with double glazed windows. Double glazing basically works the same way as insulation, trapping air between the two layers of glass. For an even more effective result you can choose glazing that comes with an inert gas like argon instead of just plain air.

Artificial heating

Just like any room in a house, garden rooms also need an artificial heat source during the coldest days. All our garden rooms come with one heater fitted as standard. There are different types of heating that can easily be fitted (or retrofitted) in your garden room, such as infrared heating, a fan heater and an oil filled heater. It is also possible to install an air conditioning unit, and due to the insulation, the bills shouldn’t be too high either.

Large doors

Sliding glass doors that can cover a large part of a wall are a very common feature for garden rooms; they give you that feeling of connection between indoor and outdoor space. In summer they offer an excellent form of ventilation by letting air flow inside the room, cooling down the space.


Choosing a garden room with eaves (the part of the roof that extends beyond the external walls of the building) will provide shade during summer without reducing the heat and light from the sun in the winter – the sun is lower in the colder months and will therefore enter the room below the eaves.

Do keep in mind that garden rooms come in all sizes, shapes and prices, and that we can custom build garden rooms to meet your specific requirements.

If you’d like to know more about our garden rooms that can handle the British weather, get in touch with us today.